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Children Club of India – Serving the Poor

Build a world where all children are
safe and secure.

Our Impact

Started in 2013 with a small base, we have developed a huge community in a short period.

In 2017, we have successfully extended our activities to 4 Panchayats, 11 villages, and covered 1600+ beneficiaries from our services. In 2019, it further extended to 14 Panchayats, 18 villages with 4280+ beneficiaries, as we stepped into providing an introduction of digital education and career counseling. Currently, during the pandemic, we expanded our services to conduct recovery programs.

What we do

We have been significantly working in providing education to rural children and drop-out students. We also open up opportunities for underprivileged and disabled youth by giving them vocational training. To generate awareness on some of the important topics like Good and Bad touch for the young children and career guidance to the high school and Intermediate students.

Educational programmes

We are implementing various activities for educational improvement of children in innovative way and trained students using digital contents and making the children for use of low cost science experiments to ensure experiential learning and quality education with main focus on government and government aided school children.

Empowering adolescent girls

Empowering adolescent girls through education, health and life skill activities. Conducting programmes at school level and at community level.

Economic development programmes

Formation of women groups, farmers group and arranging them to get various types of trainings including vocational training.

Relief & Rehabilitation programmes

Humanitarian support through relief and rehabilitation programmes and supporting old aged persons.

Natural Resource Development

Environmental and natural resource development programmes. Planting of seedlings, environmental awareness to school children , women groups and farmers groups.

Disability Support programmes

Designing and implementing programmes related to persons with disability. Creating awareness about government schemes, formation of special groups, education support and providing vocational training.

Health, Water & Sanitation

Tribal development

Research & Development

Our numbers

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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Quality Education
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